While the internet got more graphic over time text based emoticons and graphics remain present as always. They are known as ASCII art, Japenese Emoticons, Lenny Faces, Kawaii Faces and much more, but in the core they all do the same: Emotions & art based on ASCII or Unicode characters. 

I have a strange love for everything i can print in a terminal, when i write software (that is not in form of (web)app) you can be sure it will have the nicest ANSI interface possible. This is why i got the idea for this site, to create a central place for all your (and mine) ASCII & Unicode needs.

Next to that i love how many emotions we can represent trough using the right abstract Unicode characters. There are so many written languages, with so many different characters and symbols that the possibilities are basically endless. You all have seen the heart ( ♥ ), but did you know that most of us have a whole poker card set right now installed in their fonts? 🂦 🂱 🂿 🃌 (If you just see boxes, you might want to consider to install some more complete Unicode fonts)

Next to the Emoticon Database i've created the following ASCII & Unicode Tools for the start:
Emoticon Creator

Create unique emoticons with our custom generator! Your own Kawaii & Lenny faces and japenese emoticons.

Cowsay Generator

Speak trough a cow and many other ASCII characters! Generate awesome ASCII speech bubbles.

ASCII Text Generator

Generate ASCII based text & titles for your codes, chats, forums. Based on the figlet fonts.

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